The Evolution of Jia’s Hair [Miss A]

Korean pop group Miss A’s Jia has been through many hair transformations. With every new single, Jia’s hair changes dramatically. From pink to blond to brown, Jia has shown herself to be a true hair chameleon rocking each and every one of her many hair looks!



Who could forget Jia’s bright pink hair from when Miss A first debuted back in 2010. Her “Good Girl Bad Girl” locks were stunning and so badass! I remember watching Miss A’s first music video and gushing with my friend about how awesome “the pink haired girl” was. This look is definitely one of Jia’s most iconic!


When Miss A debuted their next hit, Breathe, the lead single from their second single album “Step Up,” Jia also debuted her new hair! Rocking a platinum blonde bob (with some remnants of her previous pink do at the ends) Jia was fierce!


For a short time around the release of “Love Alone,” Jia gave her hair a slightly more natural tone with this light brown short hair cut. It was a cute look but didn’t make her stand out from her fellow members as much as her bright, wild hair choices did. However, like many of her hairstyles, it didn’t last too long!


Miss A’s next big hit was 2011’s “Good Bye Baby” where Jia donned these fiery red locks! This look is one of my personal favorites! She looks beautiful in the “Good Bye Baby” music video and truly stands out during their live performances. Jia’s hair definitely matched the kickass vibe of the song!



With the highly anticipated release of “Touch,” Miss A’s 4th studio project, Jia made a complete 180 with her hair opting for this black hair style that matching the haunting tone of the song. How is it possible that this woman can rock edgy black hair just as well as fluorescent pink?


For “I Don’t Need a Man,” the first single off their “Independent Women Part. III” EP, Jia’s hair remained largely the same but looked more sleek and put together. She certainly looked like she didn’t need a man to be awesome!


Sleek, cool, and sophisticated! That is what I thought of when Jia debuted this look with the group’s most recent project “Hush.” The video is super cool and sexy and so is Jia’s hair. With this look, Jia proved that she can still stand out in the group with more traditional colored hair especially when it is so sleekly styled.




Most recently, Jia has been rocking some long brown and blonde locks. I think she’s looking just as stunning as ever! Especially with that lip color and military inspired jacket in the second picture above! And look! There’s some pink tips! Is Jia missing her bright pink hair?

Miss A is due for a comeback soon and I for one cannot wait to see what transformation Jia will make this time!

What is your favorite Jia hair color/style? Do you miss her pink hair too? What other Miss A member’s hair are you lusting after?


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