Best Halloween YouTube Tutorial Videos

Halloween is a fun time for any beauty lover! You get to dress up as whatever you want and wear crazy makeup as well as have a great excuse to eat lots of candy. It’s a time to experiment with products and colors that you would usually never wear and just have fun.

Over the years, I’ve turned to YouTube for many costume inspirations as well as makeup tutorials for looks I am trying to do. YouTube is a fantastic resource for everything Halloween from costumes to party ideas, house decor and spooky nail art – there is something for everyone!

Here’s some of my favorite Halloween costume and makeup tutorials from YouTube. Some are easy, others are a lot more intense. Some of these tutorials may not help you out this year if you are like me and don’t decide on your costume until the very last minute but I have included some last-minute costume ideas and makeup tutorials as well!

Happy Halloween!

Comic Book Makeup by Madeyewlook

Lex (Madeyewlook) is one of my all time favorite makeup artists on YouTube. She specializes in body painting and creates some amazing, intense, and scary looks! She puts up dramatic tutorials all year round but during Halloween she kicks it up a notch and delivers some amazing looks. These comic book makeup looks are great last minute ideas that are easy to do and customizable to the products you already have. Later down in this post we’ll see some more looks by Lex that show how talented she really is.

Greek Goddess by Nicole Guerriero

I’ve been some version of a Greek goddess for the past three years. This is one of the tutorials I’ve drawn a lot of inspiration from because it’s bold and bronzy but easy to tone down into something more natural as well. The lip part of this tutorial is definitely my favorite and is a trick I’ve used over and over again!

Elsa from Frozen by Angela Lanter

Frozen was one of the biggest movies of the year and Elsa one of the most popular costumes this Halloween. With that purple eyeshadow, big lashes, and blonde hair, who wouldn’t want to be Elsa for Halloween! This is a pretty easy, fun tutorial that will definitely make you the best Elsa at that Halloween party!

Sugar Skull by Dulce Candy

There are so many variations of sugar skull tutorials on YouTube but I really like this simple black and white one. It’s understated but still awesome. Dulce does a great job of explaining what you need to do so the look is very easy! This face look would be a great last-minute idea!

Zombie by Tess Christine

Zombies are so in right now. This zombie tutorial is pretty cool but does require some special products so it may not make a great last-minute costume idea. However, you could always tone down the gore and make do with products you already have. Then just rip up some old clothes and walk around like you are ready to eat some braaaaains!

Rainbow Dash by From Head to Toe

Who doesn’t love My Little Ponies? Rainbow Dash is definitely my favorite one and Jen does a great job of adapting the style of Rainbow Dash into a makeup look! And you don’t need any special face paints to complete this look! Just some colorful eyeshadow!

Frankenstein Makeup by Madeyewlook

Another great tutorial by Lex! This one is a lot more intense than the last one we saw from her and definitely requires some planning and skill. Isn’t she amazingly talented? I love watching her videos and seeing her transformations. Definitely go subscribe to her channel to see more of her amazing creations!

Mystical Gypsy by Dulce Candy

This kind of tutorial could be adapted to fit all sorts of costume ideas (or just be worn as a dramatic night eye look). Gypsy costumes are always popular and this is a great makeup look to go with your costume!

Vampire Bite by Christina Rose

If you don’t want to do a full face of makeup or worry about buying a costume, a simple vampire bite is a great subtle Halloween look! Just wear jeans and a black top and let the vampire bite speak for itself. I really love Christina’s version because it looks so cool and is still really easy to put together.

What are you going to be for Halloween? Get any ideas from this list?

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