An introduction to this blog:

Siobhan, aka KDBonbon, has been described as “an icon for her life’s passions”. At the tender age of 15, Siobhan began her feverous love of the Asian culture with a YouTube video of a Japanese boy band frolicking in front of a rainbow. Siobhan has spent years researching and immersing herself in the world of K-Dramas and K-Pop. Her vast knowledge of the Asian culture and her ability to eat one pound of kimchi in a sitting has impressed many an aficionado of this genre.

Siobhan’s comprehension and passion of the Asian culture is rivaled by another love of her life: makeup. Many novices have studied under this beauty guru’s tutelage to become experts in the field. Her familiarity with the makeup industry helps her to distinguish the makeup studs from the makeup duds, as well as find low-priced dupes of costly high end brands. Her makeup tips and tricks will transform anyone from a Debbie Downer to an Uma Upper!

Combining these two loves of her life, Siobhan has created this blog as the perfect medium through which she can properly express herself. Through this blog, you will be able to find a perfect juxtaposition of these two worlds, whether it is a review about the hottest make-up brands in Korea and the United States, or a how-to guides for snagging the latest Asian celebrities’ amazing looks. No matter the topic, Siobhan’s spectacular blog entries read like a Shakespearian-play: luring you into a world you never want to leave.

When she is not writing here, you can find her over on DramaFever writing about hot Korean men.

I hope that you enjoy all this blog has to offer.

If you need to contact Siobhan, email her at kdbonbons@gmail.com or on Twitter @KDbonbon

Love and Makeup,

 Siobhan’s glamorous and amazing friend, Michelle

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